Vaksis MiDAS COATING SYSTEMS series are composed of prismatic vacuum chambers and involve different techniques and combinations.

  • Ultimate Vacuum Pressure ≤ 5x10-8 Torr
  • Substrate Size 4-8 inch diameter
  • Substrate Heating max. 800oC
  • Substrate Rotation 3-30 rpm
  • Cooling Where necessary
  • Deposition Mode  Upward
  • Load/unload lock chamber Optional
  • Control  Fully Automatic


  • DC and/or RF Power Supply for Sputtering Magnetron Source
  • Effusion Cell A.C. Power Supply for Metal and/or Organic Evaporation Sources
  • High-Current Low-Voltage A.C. Power Supply for Resistive Thermal Evaporation Source
  • Power Supply for Electron Beam Evaporation Source

Other PVD Systems