General Information

VAKSIS is a high technology company which is located at theTechnopark of Bilkent University. We design and manufacture vacuum and thin film coating systems by using thin film deposition techniques for the solar energy, electronics, automotive, optics, medical, semiconductor and related high technology industries. Our advanced manufacturing technology includes Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Reactive-Ion Etching (RIE), Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) techniques, etc.

Each system is designed based on the requirements of our customers and is the proof of accumulated knowledge and experience over the years in these fields. Our customized systems are used efficiently and effectively in many universities, institutes and industrial R&D laboratories.

VAKSIS not only manufactures systems for different needs and requirements, but also creates innovative, durable as well as flexible and user friendly systems. We also provide warranty and technical service after delivery of the products.




Vaksis believes in and respects the importance of confidence between its customers and itself. It is important for Vaksis to provide you with the full assurance that your information given during the projects, as well as results of these studies shared with us, are protected from improper access and use. We legally protect our customers’,

  • Personal Information,
  • Institutional Information,
  • Definitions, details and requirements of  work & studies,
  • Data determined during projects,
  • Definitions and details about the products,
  • Any other points required to be hidden.

We can only use this information with the permission of our customers.

You can contact us for any other questions about our privacy policy.



Quality Policy

Vaksis quality policy is created in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, defined in accordance with the criteria below and sincerely internalized by all employees:

  • Maximizing customers‘ satisfaction when meeting customers' needs and expectations. Working honestly without compromising work ethic,

  • Effectively and perspicuously keeping in touch with the customers and suppliers,

  • Positively evaluating customers' suggestions and criticisms, taking an effective stand as much as our technical and administrative abilities allow us to,

  • Meeting customers' needs and expectations without compromising liabilities about quality, timing, and cost,

  • Designing and manufacturing our products and services without damaging nature and the society. In this process being accordant with foundations and entities with which we interact,

  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system for increasing the quality and productivity, following up developing technologies, making a contribution to the development of technology, and protecting the intellectual and industrial property rights of Vaksis,

  • Creating and sustaining employee satisfaction, providing their personal development by maximizing their attention to work, education, and motivation,

  • Efficiently benefiting from the industry and human resources when performing our activities,

  • Making our company a national center and competetive both nationally and internationally.