PVD-handy sm series is a part of Vaksis PVD – handy platform which designed and manufactured for low budget. PVD-handy sm series is really convenient for use and easily handled as the adjective “handy” described in the dictionary.

  • Base pressure ≈ 2x10-6 Torr 
  • Substrate Size: Max. 3” diameter
  • Thickness Measurement: In-situ measurement with Quartz X-tal Oscillator
  • Temperature Controlling System: PID method
  • Number of Power Sources 1
  • Number of Sources Max. 2
  • Loading Raised bell jar with a lift mechanism
  • Control Semi-Automatic




  • DC and/or RF Power Supply for Sputtering Magnetron Source
  • Effusion Cell A.C. Power Supply for Metal and/or Organic Evaporation Sources
  • Power Supply for Resistive Thermal Evaporation Source

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