This system can be used for deposition of maximum four different materials on a single substrate using sputtering technique.

  • Base Pressure < 2x10-7 Torr
  • Substrate Size 4" diameter
  • Substrate Bias RF or DC
  • Substrate Heating 500oC
  • Substrate Cooling Water-Cooled
  • Substrate Rotation 3-30 rpm
  • Deposition Method Sputtering
  • Deposition Mode Upward
  • Number of Sources 4 off 2" magnetrons
  • Gas Flow 1 MFC for Ar other MFCs are optional
  • Thickness Measurement In-situ measurement with Quartz X-tal Oscillator
  • Power Generators 1 Pulsed RF and 1 Pulsed DC
  • Loading From the top
  • Control Full automation by PC



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