Special design sputtering system with one magnetron source and manual control for low budget projects.

Designed and manufactured to deposit controlled nanao- and micro-meter-tick thin films/coatings on flat surfaces of max. 25 mm diameter wafers or glass.

  • Base Pressure < 2x10-7 Torr
  • Leak Rate < 10-8 Torr.l/s
  • High-speed Pump 70 l/s turbo pump
  • Mechanical Pump 1 m3/h oil-free mechanical pump
  • Substrate Size 25 mm diameter
  • Thickness Measurement In-situ measurement with Quartz X-tal Oscillator (Optional)
  • Power Supply 1 DC 500 W (Optional: 1 RF 300 W)
  • Deposition Method Sputtering
  • Deposition Mode Downward
  • Number of Source 1
  • Loading From top
  • Control Manual

For more detailed information, send an e-mail to info@vaksis.com.

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