MiDAS Twin System

This system is comprised of two chambers with a common pumping station. One of the chambers utilizes e-beam and the other utilizes sputtering and thermal evaporation techniques. Each chamber allows deposition of four different materials in a single loading on a same substrate.

  • Ultimate Vacuum Pressure ≤ 5x10-8 Torr
  • Leak Rate < 10-8 Torr.l/s
  • Number of Chambers 2
  • Substrate Size 4” diameter
  • Substrate Heating max. 800o
  • Substrate Rotation 3-30 rpm
  • Cooling Where necessary
  • Deposition Mode Upward
  • Resistive Thermal Evaporation Sources 3
  • Sputtering Magnetron Source 1
  • E-beam evaporator Source 1
  • Power Generators 3
  • Load lock chamber Optional
  • Control Fully Automatic

For more detailed information, send an e-mail to info@vaksis.com.

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