Systems can be used for removing contaminants, promoting adhesion between two surfaces, controlling surface tension, enhancing biocompability with using oxygen and various other gas plasmas.

  • Base pressure: 5x10-3 Torr (optional: 5x10-6 Torr)
  • Leak Rate < 10-8 Torr.l/s
  • Mass Flow Control: 0.2 - 2 Torr
  • Pump: 1 mechanical pump (optional: turbomolecular pump)
  • Pumping Speed ≥ 10 m3/h (optional: 65 l/s with TMP)
  • Power Generator: 13.56 MHz, 300 W
  • Valves: Block valve and throttle valve (optional: gate valve)
  • Control: Manual (optional: full automation)

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Other Plasma Surface Modification