Vaksis “handy” series is convenient for use and easily handled as the adjective “handy” described in the dictionary.  This series can be used for deposition of Nitrides (Si3N4), Oxides (TiO2, SiO2), Semiconductors (a-Si:H(i), a-Si:H(n) a-Si:H(p)) and diamond-like Carbon (DLC). Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is practiced in a variety of configurations in this platform.

  • Ultimate Vacuum Pressure ≈ 10-7 Torr
  • Substrate Size max. 6” diameter
  • Substrate Heating max. 400o
  • Substrate Rotation 3-30 rpm
  • Cooling Where necessary
  • Loading From the lift-open top plate or Load Lock
  • Control Fully Automatic
  • Number of MFC’s for different Gas Types max. 12
  • Additional Gas Safety Available Upon Request
  • Gas Cabinet Included and Integrated to System Software


  • Microwave power supply in Microwave Plasma-Assisted CVD (MPCVD)
  • DC and/or RF Power Supply for Capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) and RF Power Supply for Inductively coupled plasma (ICP) Sources

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