This system can be used for organometal halide perovskite solar cell research, which includes one magnetron source for metal and metal oxide deposition, one furnace type effusion cell for organic material deposition, two inductively coupled plasma sources for perovskite stoichiometry modification, and one microwave source for surface modification.

  • Base Pressure < 5x10-8 Torr
  • Leak Rate < 10-8 Torr.l/s
  • Substrate Size 6" diameter
  • Substrate Heating 350 oC
  • Substrate Rotation 3 - 30 rpm
  • Thickness Measurement In-situ measurement with Quartz X-tal Oscillator
  • Deposition Mode Upward
  • Number of Furnace-type Effusion Cell 1
  • Number of Sputtering Magnetron Source 1
  • Number of Inductively Coupled Plasma Sources 2
  • Number of Microwave Plasma Source 1
  • Number of Optical Emission Spectrometer 1
  • Gas Flow 5 MFCs
  • Number of RF Power Generators 2 (300 W)
  • Loading From the front door
  • Control Full automation by PC

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